Co-Pak offers a broad range of services to support the activities of wholesale and retail business clients. We act as a highly committed partner to support all stages of our clients warehousing and fulfilment operation. Our services combine warehousing, marketing, packaging, kitting, distribution, returns and recycling.

With over 10 years experience in supplying packaging and fulfilment solutions to the mobile industry we have the knowledge and scale to provide a complete supply chain solution. We specialise in handling high volume, high value assets such as Mobile devices, SIM cards, EMV smart cards and Magnetic stripe Gift cards. Millions of products pass through our facilities every year, with our dedicated systems we ensure that our accuracy and security is second to none

Our personalised service has led to us becoming one of the best known providers of managed order fulfillment in the UK for the mobile industry. With an established logistics operation in place we pride ourselves on offering a capable and adaptable third party distribution. Our multitude of logistical solutions allows us to cope with peaks in our clients demand. We aim to provide added value to our customers through savings in distribution costs such as transport and reduced personnel, whilst maintaining reliability and shorter delivery times.

An efficient goods receiving and handling process provides the backbone of our warehousing activities. Millions of products pass through our facilities every year and we have invested heavily in our goods receiving and handling processes as well as our security systems. Our dedicated systems and operating processes ensure accuracy and product security are first class.