Film Over Wrapping

We have an in-depth understanding of packaging requirements and have invested significantly to become one of the leading film over wrapping companies. We believe in our consultative and collaborative approach with our clients and will work with your ideas at every step.

We offer two specific types of film overwrapping. Flow wrapping is the more popular method for film wrapping as it is fast and economical. It is perfect for wrapping smaller individual items although can be used for larger or multiple items. The item is wrapped with film and sealed on both ends and along the rear of the package. Our Flow wrap film can be fully branded being printed with up to 6 colours allowing us to create truly exceptional consumer packed product packaging at a low cost.

We also offer a Shrink wrapping service; this is most popular for items such as mobile phone boxes and consumer electronics. The process involves wrapping a plastic film around a product and the passing it through a heat tunnel, which causes the film to shrink tightly around the product.

Film over wrapping is ideal when ensuring tamper resistant packaging. Our continual investment in the latest and most versatile film over wrapping equipment provides us with a high capacity and flexibility.

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