Our heritage is mobile. We have maintained a competitive, commercial position at the forefront of packaging and fulfilment for the mobile industry for over a decade.

iphone boxWe have now extended our offer into the fast-growing, related categories of personal electronic devices, largely in response to demand from our customers: multi-national operators, distributors, retailers and recyclers.

We stay abreast of developments in style and function to ensure our packaging enhances and reflects the desirable brands and products it holds. We maximise packaging efficiency without reducing packaging performance using best-of-breed design principles and materials selection.
We're expert in tamper-evident seals, security labelling, and protection and cushioning.

Our fulfilment solutions are robust, scalable and responsive; backed up by quality IT systems, effective security and flexible processes. We can handle time-sensitive promotional initiatives, trials and both small and large-scale launches - we're confident that we're one of the best.

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