Pak’d Package with Confidence - Paperboard & Corrugated Packaging

Pak’d produce robust paperboard and corrugated packaging allowing your warehouse to package and ship your valuable and fragile products knowing that your chosen packaging solution is fit for purpose.

Pak’d Transit cartons and Retail packaging cartons are designed to maximise internal space without compromising on protection. This allows our customers to benefit from efficient use of space within the supply chain.

Pak’d Product Packaging is produced with the environment in mind. Pak’d Corrugated board contains minimum 70% recycled content and is fully recyclable in both domestic and commercial waste processing systems.

Pak’d paper board packaging solutions are designed to enhance your products whilst providing ultimate protection. All Pak’d solutions are produced using FSC certified materials and can be fully recycled in all waste processing systems.

Please contact is to discuss how your products can be expertly Pakd +44 1992 653113