Established in 1999 PakThat uses best of breed design principles and materials to offer customers competitive solution to position their products at the forefront of the mobile industry. PakThat began as a service for refurbished or returned mobile phones where the original packaging was damaged. Today, through our work with multi-national operators, distributors, retailers and recyclers we have become Europe’s only dedicated supplier of mobile phone and SIM card packaging.

Through our scale and experience we are able to supply packaging services for short term projects such as peaks in demand or longer term new product launches. Our designers stay abreast of style developments and new products to ensure the packaging we supply for mobile phones, laptops, tablets, game consoles, SIM cards and personal electronic devices looks desirable. We can supply everything from pulp insert trays and tamper-evident seals to protective packaging materials and bulk shipping cartons

Cellpak solutions’ roots are in the packaging industry and so we understand the need for efficiency, cost, durability and reduction of environmental impact. Through PakThat we can offer a complete packaging solution however we also have complete in house logistics and fulfilment capabilities.