Product Design and Development

We have an in depth understanding of the commercial requirements within the technology industry and so our product design and development capabilities are second to none. We offer creative and technical product development expertise for a variety of niches, everything from marketing material to SIM cards and luxury gift packaging.

We have extensive experience in packaging design and development. Our design and engineering teams will produce designs which take into account cost, optimisation and sustainability. Our team have a broad technical knowledge of innovative packaging solutions and will create space saving designs with security and tamper proofing, ideal for the mobile and personal device industry.

Utilising our own Environmental Impacts assessment process, we design our packaging solutions to have the least amount of environmental impact possible, we use materials which are safe and all waste material is recycled back into the paper industry.

As Europe’s only dedicated provider of mobile phone and SIM card packaging we have a large stock of ready-made packaging such as; phone boxes, insert trays, sleeves, seals and much more.

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