Product packaging design and development

Our roots are in the packaging industry, product packaging is something we have an in-depth understanding of, especially in the technical device industry. We offer a range of packaging design and development services to ensure the correct look, function and practicality, whilst ensuring the demands of distribution and competitiveness are met.

Producing packaging has become an increasingly complex process, as the number of functions packaging plays has grown. Our packaging development team are able to advise on every aspect from the ideal construction method to the long term sustainability of the packaging. Whilst our graphic design team is able to ensure a brand enhancing look which meets your marketing requirements.

Through design and development we are able to create complex shapes and graphics to give your product a competitive edge on the shelf. It is not just about the look of the packaging though, we use rigorous sampling and prototype testing to assess all packaging designs in relation to environment impact, cost and durability.

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