Response Handling

To fully support our fulfillment services we are able to offer best-of-breed customer service solutions and response handling across static website forms, interactive chat, email, voice and text. We can quickly become a seamless extension of your marketing or sales department: we assimilate your KPIs, brand values and customer service standards into our own and operate with a clear understanding that we are a crucial and integral part of your success.

We know that the customer service is one of the most important factors in customer retention and so we have ensured our response handling team is staffed by a highly experienced customer service workforce.

We can design bespoke response handling programmes based on your individual needs including custom-built data capture and reporting solutions, and technologies including interactive voice response (IVR) back-up and computer telephony integration (CTI).

We can work independently or alongside your existing staff, for a short-term project or as a longer-term agreement. Our expertise in direct mail, personalisation and multi-channel fulfilment enable us to offer complete, competitive customer support. Our response handling service can work seamlessly with new product launches, marketing and promotional campaigns.

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