Returns Management

Cellpak has carefully developed a flexible logistics function to enable us to offer adaptable and responsive reverse logistics, especially suited to FMCE, personal devices and mobile phones.

We can provide a cost effective channel for used products to enable you to recapture value through resale or adhere to proper documented disposal regulations. We can sort, consolidate and repack returned items to suit their next process and destination whether it is refurbishment or recycling. We offer integration directly into one of the largest end of life electronics recycling and device trade in operations in Europe, providing our customers with a valuable resource and possible revenue stream.

Our experience and processes ensure we provide a time and cost effective mechanism to maximize any potential value and profit left in the product lifecycle. We are focused on driving down cost; our time sensitive operation ensures that there are no unnecessary delays which could impact on your potential to recapture value.

Our reverse logistics operation can work effectively in conjunction with our response handling services to manage customer returns, warranty replacements and repairs - using integrated data and activity-triggered communications to give a superior 'joined-up' customer experience.

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