Visi-Grip - Retail and Transit Cartons

Visi-Grip is our range of retention membrane packaging, designed to securely and efficiently hold fragile products within a retail or transit package.

With Visi-Grip the product retention is provided by a clear membrane film, which is formulated, to stretch and form to the contours of the product allowing the product to be securely and invisibly held within the pack.

Visi-Grip can be customised for many applications however our stock solutions are uniquely designed for the purpose of packaging high value electronic devices such as Mobile phones, Tablets, Laptops, Games consoles, Cameras etc…

Visi-Grip has been successfully developed over a period of over 10 years with succesfulaplications in logistics centres, recycling operations and high street retailers.

Enquire to find out how your your products can be packaged with Visi-Grip.